The CU Story


How it all began…

As two young boys spending most of their summers fishing down on the Willow Creek, or somewhere "on the water" or "in the woods" we were always outdoors. We’d ride our bikes several miles to meet at the creek and the adventures would begin. This is of course after chores were done! Some of our best adventures included building a raft out of some old 55 gallon drums, making homemade paddles, making the “Titanic” of a canoe, and then hauling it on our handle bars down to the creek to see if it would float. With water seeping in, wondering will it get better or worse? Should we venture out any further? We floated all day down the Willow not knowing what was in store.

The adventures of two small boys that taught them lessons in life and how to prepare for the unexpected. And when put in a tight spot… would always find a way out by making use of whatever was handy. Some call it "cobbling", but in hindsight we like to think of it as "engineering"! O-o-h, the good ol’ days!

Somehow we managed to survive them all. We look forward to sharing more of our outdoor adventures with you and can’t wait to hear yours. And in the end… hopefully learn from each other and become better outdoorsmen. After all, sharing the outdoors and the traditions that go along with it is what it’s all about.

We will CU… on the water… in the woods… at the Lodge™!


What is a Coot?

Full Definition of COOT

1: any of various slaty-black birds (genus Fulica) of the rail family that somewhat resemble ducks and have lobed toes and the upper mandible prolonged on the forehead as a horny frontal shield

2: any of several North American scoters

3: a harmless simple person; broadly : fellow 4c